Piano Man

Piano Man, I envy you
You’ve no need of words
To tell what’s on your heart
But I have no such speechless art
And they’ve deserted me, my words
The ones I need to speak to you

Piano Man, you draw me out
You spell my life with only notes
I am undone and overcome without a single word
Your soul cannot fail to be heard
But I am estranged from the words to fill the notes
I would pen to let my heartspeak out



Will You Meet Me Here

Will You meet me here
Will You open my eyes
Will You give me truth
To reveal my lies

Will You meet me here
Will You show me Your heart
Will You quicken these words
And Your wisdom impart

Will You meet me here
Will You speak into my soul
Will You grant me Your Spirit
For understanding to grow


Almost Gone

An old song in my heart plays on
But the words are gone from my tongue
And the breath is gone from my lung
My mind only vaguely remembers
A ghost of the lyric still lingers
Slipping through my consciousness’ fingers


I Miss You

I miss the man I used to know
Not so very long ago
But the man I used to see
Is not the man you’re choosing to be
Running away from the Father’s call
Throwing yourself in a headlong fall
Doing an abrupt about face
Hiding your heart from the Saviour’s grace
Robbing the world of the talent you’ve been given
To point the lonely and broken toward Heaven
I miss the man I used to know
When your love for Him made your soul glow

In Need of a New Heart

Perhaps you never mean to hurt
But the careless way you blurt
The words you sometimes speak to me
And the way you take for granted
That I might wish the same attentions you’ve demanded
Often stirs the old fleshly me
There are moments I need extra grace
To look with love at your dear face
And put aside the selfish me
That wants to strike out angrily
Instead of recalling how perpetually
The one who causes hurt is me
My words, my actions, my selfishness
All insults to the righteousness
Of He Who gave His life for me
I must beg from Him a heart
Filled with a love that’s set apart
And put away that selfish me
As I grow let it become my aim
Not to seek my own due claim
But live as He has done for me
Offering love even when it’s been spurned
And extending forgiveness though none’s been earned

Luke 6:27-28, 1 Peter 3:9, 1 Corinthians 13:4-5